Moulin Inn - since 1695 Moulin Inn - since 1695
Moulin Inn - Winner of Scots Pub of the Year 2006 - 2007
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Moulin Inn

The Moulin Inn first opened its doors in 1695 – 50 years ‘afore the rebellion – That is Bonnie Prince Charlies Jacobite rebellion of 1745.

The village of Moulin dates back to Bronze Age times, with the traces of ancient Hut Circles still evident on the hill just behind the present village. Archaeological investigation shows these Huts as being used from around 3000BC to as recently as 1250 AD.

The name Moulin is derived from the word Maohlinn – the ‘linn’ being quite common in Scotland, and meaning ‘Smooth Rocks or Calm Water’. Thus the village is likely to have been named after the Smooth Rounded Hill just above the present village, where the Hut Circles lie, though some suggest it could relate to an old lake ( now drained) below the present village, which had an island on which a medieval castle was built.

The Original Inn, had a ground floor of two rooms, with two floors above with two rooms on each. One of these rooms was once used as the local elders meeting room, discussing local residents complaints about each other and occasionally dealing with minor miscreants by

The original Inn


sentencing them to a spell tied to the ‘Jong’ tree – where they received a steady hail of rotten fruit and other unpleasant items. More serious crimes were dealt with at the Sheriffs office in the nearby village of Logierait.

Pinting in the bar showing second extension

The original building soon had a single storey extension added to the Ground floor, seen on the picture, maybe kitchens, but now this is the Bar. Careful examination of the large painting in the Bar shows the second extension, completed before 1886. This added some 10 small bedrooms and extra eating areas.

Pitlochry now had it’s railway link and was receiving regular visitors arriving for their holidays, to experience the ‘Hydropathic airs’ this related to the whole peaceful, relaxing environment of Highland Perthshire, and Hotels were being built in the Town.
The ‘Inn’, was now renamed an Hotel, the owners obviously very proud of their establishment.

It wasn’t until 1972 that the final extension was added, occupying the area of the old Blacksmiths shop & the Motor garage. This added 9 more bedrooms, and these were all en-suite as modern travellers began to demand such luxuries, Central Heating & Hot Water boilers were included and the hotel could now be open All year round. We took over in 1993 and made all the rooms en-suite by making most two older rooms into one, and using the smaller attic rooms as staff rooms.

The Hotel had now become quite a separate entity to the Original Inn. We completely refurbished the Inn, out went the pool table and vinyl seating, back in went the scumbled woodwork, beams from the Stables, opened up the fires and old stone walls, and adding new lighting. One of the major changes was setting up our own Brewhouse across the road, and selling the Ales in the Inn. Hence this website.